Westminster at night…

The image I have for you on this post is a continuation of the London’s photo walk I have done last weekend. The City inspiration is massive, however since I took this photo I’ve been missing inspiration to get it processed… now finally, the muse came to express… hehe

A simple image with only 3 exposure with +- 2 EV stops. Then I’ve added -1/3 and -2/3 EV stops processing (mainly because the light was a little bit too strong at 0EV, after I uploaded the image to the computer)  the RAW files using Aperture before combining the image with Photomatix. Simple solution

Finish touch was committed using Aperture. What I particularly like about this shoot is the difference in exposition and separate light performance in the bright, lid-up areas, in comparison to the not lid-up part… also, almost cloudless sky and stars shining shyly :)


The wind wasn’t to strong that day, however the temperature was close to zero Celsius, so on the bridge it has been a bit chillllllllllllllwwwrrrrrrr.

As usual please feel free to comment and let me know what do you think about it :)


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