The lighthouse at Jandía / Morro Jable beach, Fuertaventura

Just recently returned from the workshop and a series of photo walks at Africa’s Spanish island of Fuertaventura.

One of the places I have visited is the most popular tourist attraction, mainly for the German language speaking population named Morro Jable (= the original fishing village) and Jandía (= the “new” town). Since Jandía seamlessly passes into Morro Jable both towns together are just called “Jandía” in travel guides or magazines.

A vast, proper light-colour sand beach with fine sand (behind which there are protected salt meadows) is one of the main attractions as well as local cultural obelisks like the lighthouse, giant ancient sea creature skelet and many more. The Jandía as a city is mainly based on post volcanic mountains hills, facing the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Photographically the main benefit of the South Town location is that it’s geographically below the main Sahara’s dust, winds stream, so the air is much more clear than in the Central and Northern island areas however you could still see some smudges on the sky… looks pretty cool to me

Lighthouse on Jandia and Morro Jable Furtaventura

1500 GMT Facing North- The lighthouse

The picture below has been taken at about 1500 GMT but as it is near earth’s equator the sun has still been quite high. Please have a look and do not hesitate to comment. Below I have placed the map.,-14.355097&sspn=0.020111,0.038581&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&hq=lighthouse&hnear=Morro+del+Jable,+P%C3%A1jara,+Palmas,+Canary+Islands,+Spain&ll=28.224339,-14.111771&spn=0.419902,0.581335&t=f&output=embed
View Larger Map
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