The African week

Every now and then I find very useful to go to a country where you can find very different lighting conditions and to work with some photo shoots.

This time i have decided to organize a free workshop that was great success to me.

The interest has been so big that I had to extend it from 1 day to 2 days. The program was very easy and if you haven’t read it already this is it:

– landscape and city photography
– planes and sport (surfing)
– outdoor model photography without a flash
– and few other ideas that came along with the workshop

We didn’t have much luck with the surfing as the weather conditions were to soft for proper surfers.

The city and landscape photography was the best part of this workshop for me. But we had fun all those 2 days. We worked over some HDR images that will be put together later on. We had also few plans in sight

I have also worked with the workshop attendees to deliver them a bespoke video from this event and you shall see it soon.

These pictures posted now aren’t edited in any serious software, they have been only touched with iPad. Please enjoy and feel free to comment as always.

Cheers Michal


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