Before and after the filter

Inspiring fountain at Piccalilli Gardens in Manchester’s City Centre.

Piccalilli Gardens - Manchester HDR no filters

Piccalilli Gardens in HDR no filters

This photo was taken in a Halloween day evening and surprisingly there are not too many people around this place. Some are in a hurry to bus or rail station, besides of that few homeless people and a one or two police walking patrols around the square.

This a part of my Mass Observation 2010-2011 project I’m doing in the UK.

A very unique scene you would suppose, comparing to the kind of regular crowd always present at this location. This occasion helped me to take the photo of the fountain that normally is almost impossible without some moving people in the scene.

This picture is combine from 3 exposure taken with Canon 5D MKII and the brightest picture was then EV+1 in Adobe Lightroom to increase the available light spectrum

Here below is a version of the same photo but this time with filters on. I couldn’t decide which one I like more so I’m leaving the judgement to you

Piccalilli Gardens in Manchester's City Centre in HDR with filters

Piccalilli Gardens at Manchester's City Centre in HDR with filters

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