Zooming The Beatles – 12 gold LP’s

Museum of Liverpool - 12 gold LP's of The Beatles

Museum of Liverpool - 12 gold LP's of The Beatles

At the beginning of this week I went first time to see the museum of Liverpool at Albert’s Dock. Architecture wise the building is very interesting. Simple form mixed with triangular elements creates a feeling that the building is sliding of the pedestal. The whole construction if pretty big so the dock yard and ship-shape of the building are giving really impressive effect.Inside the main hall is not that impressive any more. Simplicity of interior design and lack of style. Just wired. But what do I know about the modern art design :)

The ground floor had a very small exhibition of unknown etymology. I couldn’t understand what was it really about. Anyway the first floor was still under construction so I rushed to the second floor where was the sports achievements, Welsh heritage, industrial and The Beatles. When I have noticed this exhibition with their 12 gold albums, LP covers set together on the wall. When I took the first picture it looked a bit boring so I have decided to try out old good way of zooming to add some special FX to those LP’s. See what came out of it… As always please feel free to comment and leave your feedback.

Thank you for visiting


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