Blurred HDR

Stitching together several differently exposed pictures of the very same scene, could cause objects movements in the frame.

If you are taking pictures of a landscapes for example, the clouds or branches can move, there could be also a flying bird or what’s worse, the wind can shake your camera (by the way, please remember to switch off your IS / VR while shooting from a tripod). If you are taking pictures of people it will be almost sure they will move. All that will affect the final result of your image.  But is it really bad to have blurred elements in your photos. It can be quite annoying to see blurred faces of people if taking single exposure pictures, well it is actually… but! there also many occasions when you can do a properly exposed picture and not everything needs to be sharp in the whole scene. Now, how to use that in HDR photography.

This is my try, to showing how I see my way of fixing obvious smudging problems. In the photo below I have put together 12 frames from my Canon 5D MKII – 4 sets of 3 exposures, each taken at -2, 0, +2 EV. It was a sunny day in York’s City Centre and I’ve noticed a Fiddler playing and selling his CD. This man was amazing, powerful and so uplifting with his music. I wanted to have HDR from that location but I was sure his dynamics and movement will make that impossible to stitch all the frames together and have any sharpness of this play, his face and body… so this is what came out of it.

There are still some shadows and ghostliness of people in the scene, left with a purpose to keep the entire image dynamic. It is possible ro remove all that motion using PS to delete people from individual shoots, before putting them together for HDR software. The main attention, stays with the Fiddler… I hope :)

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