Cactus Farm

This a photo from one of my most recent trips to African continent.

The Cactus Farm holds up to 2400 different species of cactuses…. Who would expect there are so many at all :)

The place is on a Spanish island called Lanzarote and is a part of Canary Islands. Island is covered in 99% in lava rocks. The fields in the middle scenario are all full of cactuses being grown for local wine production. In further back, on the right hand side you may see a sharp – black edge of volcano. This is because the rocks are being cut, then grind down and use as a surface for the fields. Because of the local, very strong winds, all plantations are surrounded by volcanic rock walls. In the most distant view you may a beginning of the Timanfaya National Park in witch centre is still a active volcano located.

The picture was taken during a Christmas Holiday last December and the temperature that day was about 24 Celsius Degrees / 75 Fahrenheit – so couldn’t call that being cold :)

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