Manchester’s Catherdral in HDR

Last week, on our way to work I and my fiancée have decided to visit the Manchester’s Cathedral. It was a wonderful day in City Centre and we had some time available to spent sightseeing… She got me into getting inside for finding out how does it look like. We had already several chances in last few months seeing it, passing over on our way to work an definable having a remarkable view from the Manchester’s Media Wheel. This was just a perfect opportunity to find out how did the church looked like inside.

We have decided to step in and try out the new camera and new L series lens to see what could be a potential effect taking some interiors photos.

I had no tripod with me to carry on taking more HDR photos but this one I manage to take by placing the camera on pinched candle stand… but shush..

Manchester's Cathedral Interiors, HDR

Left side of the Nav in Manchester's Cathedral in HDR

The history of this place has started in 13th century, when the predecessor’s church construction works has started. And later the works got transformed into current build form in 15th century, when from 1421 the building of the Manchester’s Cathedral going towards these days form has begun. As a medieval monument the church has been dedicated to St Mary.

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