Manchester City Photowalk in March, Town Hall

A small walk trough City centre…

Few days ago when I have finished my daily routine at about 16.40 I looked through my window, and the view that came to my eyes was astonishing. The sun was so strong, the sky almost perfectly clear and the air frosty, dry… Fantastic afternoon for taking some pictures. I grabbed my camera bag and rushed into town centre.

My route has started from the Town Hall view. As I have approached from the Princess Street I took one of the Town Hall Clock Tower

Manchester City Centre - Photowalk - March - Town Hall Clock Tower

Manchester City Centre - Photowalk - March - Town Hall Clock Tower from Princess Street

This picture has been merged from 4 different captions using Adobe Photoshop CS4 merge functions and pictures were taken with a standard Canon 18-55mm lens without Image Stabiliser.

Not only the weather was good but also the view of the sky and… the Moon. This picture was slightly brighten up to expose all the interesting details of the clock tower but the shoot has been taken with Canon 500D and this time with a 55-200mm lens.It’s a shoot that I have decided to name: Clock Tower of Manchester’s Town Hall during a day with the Moon on the cloudless sky

Clock Tower of Manchester's Town Hall during a day with the Moon on the cloudless sky

ISO200, 55mm, 0ev, f/4.5, 1/400

When I have started to write this article I did relised that I actually don’t know too much about Town Hall history. So google-it and I have found few interesting facts that I would love to share with you:

In 2010 the building is 123 year old as it has been completed in 1887. It is THE MOST impressive non-Gothic construction that in total did cost a million pounds. It has been placed on the Albert Square and the main clock tower reaches 286 feet (over 87 meters). The whole Town Hall construction has been designed (by Alfred Waterhouse)  and fitted onto triangular space.

Mentioned earlier the Albert Square has one particular statue of Roman Governor, Agricola who had founded the original fort of Mamuciam, from witch the city began.

Monument of Agricola, the Roman Governor, at the Albert Square in front of the main entarce to Manchester City Town Hall building

ISO200, 55mm, 0ev, f/4.5, 1/400

And here is one more view of the Manchester City Town Hall, this time again with the half moon and the National Flag. This picture has been slightly modified using Aperture 3 to change the colours of the sky and brighten the building.

Manchester City, UK - Town Hall with Moon and Biritish Flag

ISO200, 18mm, 0ev, f/4.5, 1/400

This is the end of the first part of this photowalk. Next pictures will be posted soon. In the meantime if you wish to follow me up please sing up at and if you wish to see some more of my work go to or to my Flickr profile at Thank you very much for viewing. please post your comments.


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