Aberyswyth final stage of the photowalk and the free workshop, Wales, UK

This is the last episode of the Aberystwyth photowalk and free workshop I have done in February 2010 in Wales, GB

At the last day we walked to the South part of the city, and we took several shoots of the hills Panorama and City again. There has been a small amount of fog so the pictures came out quite dull however the post-processing allowed to get some quite interesting images. But the best thing will be for you to see them and post your judgement right here.

The have parked our cars just beneath the top of the hill. We have decided to ignore Marina and the harbour part for this time. There should be some more chances to go back there in the future to take pictures of those two. From there  really like the inland view… have a look on it:

And The most typical for Wales view

I wanted to thank everybody who has posted their comments and send me e-mails regarding this project. I hope we will be able to organise another walk sometime in the future. If you have any ideas please post them here.

Thank you all very much!
Michal Dybowski


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