Welsh photo walk goes on, Aberystwyth, GB

As I promised to you again, I am continuing the photowalk theme from sunny Aberystwyth in Wales, Great Britain.

After capturing many fantastic views in City Centre we decided to go to the North Hill to frame the general Panorama of the City. At that time the Sun has already started to lower down what has given us some additional opportunities to take some nice shoots. As we have been heading away from the War memorial I have notice this scene opportunity:

Sunset over the War Memorial in Aberyswyth, Wales

Sunset over the sea in Aberystwyth, Wales

As we kept going along the beach the sun stated to lower down, putting a wonderful light ray on the surface of the water:

Sunset over the sea in Aberyswyth, Wales

Sunset over the sea in Aberystwyth, Wales

Not much time left then for us to take a panorama of the City from up-hill as the sun has been heading behind horizon quite fast. So we rushed up. On the top of the hill there is an observatory however as it is Winter time, it has been shut down and we needed to walk up.

Half way I have noticed a nice viewing point where I took this shoot from.

In the post-processing I realised that the Town looks nice in B&W. I added some extra grain to make the picture look older. On this shoot I especially like the waves close to the end of the Aberystwyth promenade and the look of the other hills in the background.

When we got to the top the sun was still up and that finally allowed me to take the first wanted Panorama views of the Town bathing in the Sun light…

Obviously there have been many more pictures captured but this one I like almost the best.

More of the Wales photowalk will be here shortly. Thank you for watching today!

It’s plenty of these. If you wish to see more of my work please follow to my web site at http://www.dybowski.me.uk. You may also follow me on the Twitter by clicking on this link. Please post your comments here https://dybowski.wordpress.com


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