City of Aberyswyth, Wales, UK, photowalk and workshop continues

All the way down the hill we ended up founding small however charming Town centre that is only 2 blocks away from the sea and the “promenade” I called it the “promenade” because that’s what the bit of footpath aspires for to become, however is very, very short and looks quite empty during the winter what is of course fully understandable.

As the sun was high we rushed to use it and that what we came with:

First shoot is the Aberystwyth University building at the New Promenade street. The Sun was beautifully highlighting yellow bricks of the most exposed part of institute.

Second shoot are the old Castle ruins currently as a green grass converted area with children’s playground and some footpaths.

A best viewing place is the War Memorial & Royal Pier that is the outpost in Aberyswyth

After taking some pictures of this area we decided to go to the Chapel. However because of some restoration works we couldn’t get in and the building from all sides wasn’t impressive at that time we gave up upon it. And in return that was the view that was revealed :)

Sunset by Castle Ruins

Aberyswyth, War Memeorial

This view has make us wonder and think about the Power of the Solar light…

More of the Wales photowalk will be here shortly. Thank you for watching today!

It’s plenty of these. If you wish to see more of my work please follow to my web site at You may also follow me on the Twitter by clicking on this link. Please post your comments here


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