Getting to Aberystwyth and starting the photowalk and workshop, Wales

As I mentioned in the last post I managed to get on the planned location about 10 minutes before set up time. Nice thing. that was for me… everybody has been already there. It has really been a very nice and warm feeling as it was my first proper workshop and people showed up and they were keen… great sensation.
There was together 5 of us. Shame that there were no women but hopefully the females interest into photography will grow in Aberystwyth. I think it is possible because of so many young people willing to gain a lot of entertainment and photography could become a motivation.

We started our workshop discussing where we should go first. I did prepared myself for getting onto locations that I wished to take a pictures from, however as the photo-walk attendants are local, they came across with some extra additional ideas. We have decided to put some of them in place.

First city view picture has been taken from bridge above the main City street from a small footpath bridge just made for students to cross to university area from the flats and houses located on the opposite side of the road. So it has been taken next to the university, almost on top of the hill with a interesting view on City and the sea panorama. I used the red square TIAN YA red filter.

We had the sun right up on the South West.

We took over 30 pictures and then we have decided to move our stuff into the city centre and then up to one of the harbour / coast reaching hills. I tell you the rest of the story soon.

It’s plenty of these. If you wish to see more of my work please follow to my web site at You may also follow me on the Twitter by clicking on this link. Please post your comments here


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