HDR with EOS 500D EF-S18-55mm ISO 400 in Cheshire Oaks

Lucky my… one of my pictures taken in a shopping Village called Cheshire Oaks, got some interest in Cheshire.

I went there just before Christmas time to make some shopping, but since I got out of my car I just couldn’t get my eves away from that single, not decorated tree that was near by, with a lot of nice decorations behind in the background. I am so pleased I have my tripod always with me in the car and by this occasion also my Canon 500D.

I levelled the tripod and looked around with my EF-S18-55mm lens and I have noticed that there is a medium deformation by 18mm in the corners. So I made sure that there is no important object in the frame in those corners and lines of the perspective are just blending in already curved. Since I noticed the view I knew straight away I wanted a nice tone-mapped picture of it. Unfortunately Canon has limited the small cameras, although 500D is one of the newest “baby’s” in the range, to only 3 frames in the bracketing mode. As the scene was full of many shadows from different car par lights I had to take more than 3 differently exposed shoots. I took in total 5 starting from -4 and ending on +4 with a step on 2. And so it came to life… the picture of three in Cheshire Oaks.

Cheshire Oaks tree

So far, the picture, has been picked up by the redaction desk on 22nd of December 2009 and printed in Chester and Flintshire Chronicles at 31/12/2009 and later on 06/01/2010 in Ellesmere Port Pioneer. Thank you very much editors.

So that’s the story of the tree in Cheshire Oaks shopping village.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what do you think… If you wish to have it printed please see previous posts for available sizes and pricing.

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