Chester under the snow… idyllic story in begining of 2010

On the 6th of January it started to snow… It was snowing whole day till it achieved impressive 17cm – I have measured it with a ruler on the roof of my car…

As a very ambitious ‘photographer’ I have decided in the evening to get the camera and move on into town of the Chester. And so these pictures became alive.

Idyllic... the city was absolutely empty in the evening because the temperature dropped below -8’C. Just a photographer’s paradise, in my understanding. No people, no traffic, even cabs were somewhere away, stuck or busy. I was able to take about 12 shots with different exposures from the middle of the street, that during a day you need to relay on traffic lights, to cross it safety. Chester is a very historical and antique city. The ancient Roman walls, the Roman garden, the some more recent however very beautiful constructions like the canal, racecourse, steel bridge and Grosvenor Park. The trip wasn’t too long because the cold has been extremely annoying. I was well prepared, wrapped up in many layers, but it was cold anyway. I managed to get over 180 pictures from which I have taken the most interesting in my opinion that you might wish to have as a nice memory of a very unique place.

All of the pictures published in here, are made using so-called HDR technique. My inspiration to get into this type of photography brought Trey Ratcliff.

Now as stock photos they are available as print s(posters):
20 x 30 inch (50 x 75 cm) – £55.00
16 x 24 inch (40 x 60 cm) – £44.00
12 x 18 inch (30 x 45 cm) – £24.50
12 x 8 inch (30 x 20 cm) – £17.50

The price include VAT. The shipping charges may vary depending on quantities and destination and they are starting from £2.90.

If you would like to place an order for any prints please send me an e-mail at dybowski@live

Chester City Centre, 6th January 2010

Thanks for looking and please put your comments


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